Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Top Ten What??

This is going to be my most amazing and brilliant post to date. Are you not intrigued now?...........

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grandma, Did I Make You Proud?

I love my Grandma. If you were to ask me who my hero is, I would say her, and for many many many reasons. 
This post is dedicated to her, because it's about something that she is QUEEN of: CRAFTS!!

I learned how to crochet this past January, and, WOW, is it addicting! When my youngest child was just an infant I picked up knitting for a bit, and although I thoroughly enjoyed it, with a baby and a toddler in the home my needles just turned into dust-collectors. I never thought to pick up a crochet hook. Guess in my mind I still associated it with ugly flowery sweaters and tacky afghans. Oh, how I was wrong! The wonderful world of Pinterest opened my eyes to all the awesomeness that can be achieved with some yarn and a crochet hook. So, I began my journey. I did some research online since I had no idea where or how to start. Found a book that got pretty great reviews, and wouldn't you know it was on the shelf at our library. Bam. Done. Armed with a book, hooks, yarn and youtube tutorials, it was pretty easy. Stress-relieving too. I obsessed over it for a couple of months (like I tend to do) and made all kinds of great crap. I made scarves, cowls, fingerless mitts, beanies, clutches, hair flowers, etc…
All kinds of fun. LOVED it. I will say this, though. It can get expensive. Thus, I'm taking a break. Probably pick it back up with a cooling in the weather. 
So, now you all know what kind of chistmas gift you'll get from me. Place your orders now. ;)
Here are just a few of the items I've crocheted::

Soap bag

Convertible cowl.

matching hat and short fingerless mitts

beanie with scalloped trim

hair flower


Envelope purse.


hair flower

long fingerless mitts

kids beanie, scarf and fingerless mitts. :) (he's so cute!)

scarf (for Evie). :)


Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Live In The Shire. No Really, I Do.

I've had my heart set on Tennessee for so long now. Started to wonder if I was making it more awesome of a thing in my head than it really is.
The answer is nope. Sure didn't. It is JUST as amazing living here as I always knew it would be. We are now official residents of Thompson's Station, TN, which is nestled in the rolling hills of middle TN.  Cows and horses are grazing in green fields sprinkled with yellow flowers just across the street from our house, yet a Starbucks is only 8 minutes away. Not too shabby. :)
Here are a few pictures of the little road we live on, a cul de sac which ends in a small cemetery filled with family headstones featuring last names the same as our road.

Part of our front yard.

This is what we see when we pull out of our driveway. There are usually cows...don't know where they went today. :(

And this...


So, yep. There's that. Hard to stay in a bad mood for long when this is what's waiting outside the door.  Not that I'm ever in a bad mood...

Thanking God my feet aren't as hairy as a hobbit's (did I say "as"?...I mean't, "NOT"...),

Monday, January 9, 2012

"Girl" Much?

I can be pretty dudely. I can hang with the boys. I can probably burp louder than any of you dudes, and then I'll do a dudely dance, chanting "In yo face!!!". I'm proud of my dudeliness.
But then I'm also 150% girl. I love makeup, high heels, glitter, beautiful art and people and places, and soft fluffy guinea piggies. I enjoy being sweet. I like pink. I can tend to cry a lot. I love lace and jewelry and flowers.
Today, I'm busting out all things girly! (Ladies can cheer! Guys, unless you're particularly artsy...well, sorry.)

When I'm feeling girly, these are the things that I run to:

1. Makeup: Feeling down, Flee? Well then, it's time to play in your makeup!

My makeup station. UmYumYumYum!!

 2. E.L.F. cosmetics: I know this should be included in number 1, but I feel it needs it's own number, 'cause that's how awesome this company is. I LOVE E.L.F (eyeslipsface.com)! Their stuff is super cheap, but only in reference to their prices. I thought their makeup would suck, but, oh, contrar-o! Some of the products are not great, but the ones that I've come to love are quite the steal for what you pay! Look up some of their product reviews on youtube. And then, make some purchases. You will NOT regret it. My current favorite products are::::
my 144 eyeshadow palette. Awesome product.
* 144 Eyeshadow Palette: the colors are highly pigmented and have decent staying power, as long as you use an eye primer. :) Which leads me to my next E.L.F. fave...
* Essential Eyelid Primer: This product is only $1! And honestly, it works just as well as my Urban Decay primer, which was $19. So, there ya go.
* All of the Essential Lipsticks: These are also just $1, and they are great! They don't dry my lips out like every other lipstick on the planet.
*Shine Eraser sheets: Once upon a time Flee had a very oily face. So she bought some expensive oil-blotting sheets. Then one day while walking around in Target, she spotted some E.L.F. Shine Eraser sheets for $1, and they worked like a dream! She's never gone back to those dumb expensive ones. Psh! The end.

3. Boots & High Heels: Not much else needed to say here. For every occasion. My heart is all a-flutter.

my boots. <3
More of my boots. The tall black pair are my current favorite. They're like combat boots meet 1920s lace-up boots. They were a Christmas gift from the hubster. :)
Some of my heels. <3

4. Accessorizing: Necklaces? Okay! Hair flowers? Why not?! Scarves? Yes, please!

The toughest part is choosing. Life is so hard.

Disclaimer: those walls were NOT my choice. Our "landlord" enjoys the sea.
I plan on making a headboard out of an old door as soon as I have
some extra $ for the materials. :)
5. De-cluttering / Organizing / Feng Shui: Ok, so this isn't really "girly". But I wanted to list it anywhos.
Where there's a will there's a way. At least when it comes to making your living space a nice and breathable place. You may not know, but just a year and a half ago I lived in my own home with my own family, and we lived there for 8 years. Life threw us a curve ball, and now we're making a small basement/apartment work. With no spending $ for decorating, just working with what we already have, I'm proud of how un-cluttered and inviting I've made the space feel. It's amazing to me just how powerful of an effect your living space has on the way you feel from day to day. I just recently checked out some books on Feng Shui (just for interior arrangement and design purposes) and applied many of the rules to our "area". I'm quite pleased with the results. I highly recommend doing the same to your home if you feel it's cluttered and not enjoyable or inspiring to live in. You'll be amazed at how good it will feel! Go throw away some crap (or give it to the goodwill, of course)!


Where do I get most of my girly inspiration?
*My Pinterest page: You can "collect" picts you love or want to remember for one reason or another. My page includes my girl crushes, patterns and artwork I love, style, products I want, etc.
*Kandee Johnson: Makeup/Style guru. She's a bubbly sweet little cupcake! Lots of makeup tutorials, tips, DIY style projects. Anything you've ever wondered about style and makeup, she's got the answer.
*MakeupByTiffanyD: This gal has some great makeup tutorials and reviews on her youtube channel.
*Pixiwoo: Another great youtube channel for makeup tutorials, tips, and reviews.
*Bextacy: This girl is adorable! She doesn't have that many videos, but the makeup tutorials she does have up are great. :)

I'm sure I've forgotten some of my go-to pages, but I can't seem to think of any more at the moment.
Alrighty then. Guess that wraps up my girly list.

Throwing glitter and dancing around in my legwarmers (not really),