Friday, December 16, 2011

Playing Catch Up, Broccoli, and My Hair.

*Hand slap!
Yes, I know. It's unspeakable, the amount of time lapsed since my last post. Well, I've been feeling boring and busy, ok!

What's new? I changed my hair color. It was supposed to be deep auburn red, but it turned out more purple/magenta/red. That's ok. I'm owning it, anyway. Can't afford that old blonde no more. Now I can dye my own dang hair, since there's no way I'd ever lift color out of my hair on my own. I want to not be bald. I also gave myself bangs today. That was fun.
I'm trying to get my exercise and eating back on track, so I don't feel like a crap-patty all the time.
Today makes day 2 that I've been exercising and eating clean again. I already feel a good bit better. Ah, the power of wholefoods and workout endorphins.
BTW, smoking ain't so great for you. So, try eating broccoli instead. It's way more festive than a boring cigarette, and looks nice posing as one. ;) Was this pointed at someone in particular? I guess we'll never know! (Heh Heh)

In Phoenix Drive news, we are all in Nashville next week, writing with hit writers all week long in preparation for our full length album, which we are shooting to start recording at the end of January. VERY EXCITING~!
Now I'm off to get ready for our gig in Blue Ridge, GA, tonight at the Whistle Stop!

Wishing you a holiday filled with elevated heart rates, sweat and broccoli,