Monday, November 7, 2011

There's a Devil In My Bed

I'm sitting here this morning trying to figure out what I can blog about today, what's fresh on my mind and big in my life. And I think it's time I had a confessional post.

I'm starring in a tragic love story. It's full of hurt and sorrow, pleasure and passion, resentment and anger, and sugar.
The high fructose kind.
The main characters involved? I play the leading lady, of course. And the leading male? Chocolate Trinity Ice Cream.

Yes, it's a male, due to his seductive alluring power over me. The way he pulls me in with his dark creamy gaze, whispering sweet nothings (the equivalent of his nutritional value). He makes me feel so loved and safe and special at night, but then leaves me filled with regret and a lowered self-esteem in the morning.
When life is hard and I'm feeling sad, my defenses are weakened against his unrelenting magnetism. I know he'll bring me temporary relief from my frowny face. And I'll admit, sadness is lurking 'round these parts more often then it should. So, Mr. Chocolate Trinity has been frequenting my bedroom, sneaking into bed and watching reruns of Frasier with me.
And I let him.
So, who can I blame, really? I know I have to stop. I know it's up to me. I let the devil in my bed. Now I have to be the one to kick him out. I must remind myself of what a horror he really is. My stomach needs no reminding. Neither do my hind quarters. Nope, just my heart. My heart is the fool here.
I guess I'll be done when I'm ready. Not sure when that will be, but I feel it's soon. Maybe even today.

With guilty spoon in hand,