Monday, October 3, 2011

Songs in The Mountains

Phoenix Drive headed up to Blue Ridge, GA this past weekend for some nature-inspired songwriting and a gig, and both were successful. I forget how beautiful parts of GA can be, so thanks for the reminder, Blue Ridge! With the chill of baby Autumn in the air and leaves just starting to turn, it was the perfect setting for us to find inspiration. We hopped in a convertible and found a spot in the middle of nowhere by the river to sit our butts, guitars and notebooks. Magic. Love it. Go PHD team!

Some of the scenery we enjoyed (wish the pictures did it justice, but alas.)
There was lots of cow poo in this field. Thought you should know.
I sat out on that big branch and discovered that I am still as clumsy as I used to be. Dang it.

Sam Tate & The PhD boys

Tea for 2?

I would live here. I would live here!


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