Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Music Magic

I love music.
It possesses an unmatchable power to anything else on this planet. It magnifies a feeling or emotion or conviction to the nth degree. Somehow it's able to tap into and access places inside where you wouldn't allow anything or anyone else. It's pretty violating, actually. There are things in me that only me & music know.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nosy Interfering People Can Make Life Complicated

Yesterday my family had a lovely lunch at Taqueria Del Sol in Athens. They have the BEST fish tacos, FYI. So, we've enjoyed our lunch, and we all hop in the minivan (high profile, we are), and… *CRUNCH*! Oops.
Chris backed into a Mercedes in the parking lot. Hey, ya know, it happens. No big deal, right? The person was not in their car, so we call our insurance company and discuss what happened, get a claim number, and leave our info on the other car (which is exactly what the insurance rep told us to do). So, we're cool. We pull off, and 2 minutes later the driver of the other car calls Chris, they discuss it, and all is good. So we put it out of mind, thankful for those full coverage monthly payments we make each month. :) Case closed, or so we thought.
Fifteen minutes later, Chris gets another call. It's a Clarke County police officer. Apparently, there was a "witness" at the "scene of the crime." And also, APPARENTLY, this witness could tell that Chris was drunk. Yeah. ????!!!!!!!!
So, because this witness made such claims we either had to return to the scene or be charged with a hit and run. (Holy WHAT?!)
We were a little upset.
Mad yet sad Chris.
First of all, how can you be charged with a hit and run when we left all the information with the dude, talked with him on the phone and already had an insurance claim opened and in process? We called our insurance agent and she agreed that it was absurd, but we should not rock the boat with the police, since they can be however they want and get away with it. Chris then called the police dept. and made them aware that we would arrive in about 25 minutes, since we were already back in Winder.
Twenty-five minutes later, we arrive at the scene, and guess what... No one's there. Long story short, a few phone calls and a few sets of ten minutes later a different officer arrives, tells us that this whole thing is ridiculous, Chris is obviously not drunk, and that he can't be charged with a hit and run b/c we did everything we were supposed to. At least he apologized for the waste of time and stress it caused us.
Thanks Mr. Witness. And thanks, Clarke County Police Department. Much love to you both.
The moral of the story. Don't be a nice guy and leave your information when you back into a car in a parking lot. (kidding.)

Jittery coffee kisses and broken tail lights,

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm In a Band And We Do Fun Stuff.

Mmmm. I need to post something. 'Cause it's been too long.
Since my last post I've:
  • had a birthday
  • had a parent-teacher conference
  • packed and unpacked 3 times
  • flown to TX
  • flown back home from TX
  • took my daughter to the bone doctor
  • took my mother to the bone doctor
  • sat on a hay bale in a truck in a parade in Fayetteville, TN and waved to people who had no idea who I was, at least not yet. ;)
  • ate Mexican food with my band, management, and Cowboy Troy
  • Sang with my band and Cowboy Troy
  • sang the national anthem at a football game
  • went to a studio and scheduled studio time for Phoenix Drive (Whoo!)
  • held a band-member audition
  • played at Rooster's in Nashville
  • took our kids to a yogurt joint
  • went to Starbucks a WHOLE lot
And that's just the stuff other than the usual stuff (I'm just sure I've forgotten something).
Now I'm sitting in my bed, eating chips and salsa, having no idea what else to type about. Maybe I'm tired????

The PHD gang and Cowboy Troy, 10/14/11 @ the homecoming game in Fayetteville, TN, with 4,000 people in attendance!

Sleepy PHD boys on a plane to TX.

Silver (our band manager) and Uncle Henry @ our drummer audition.

Hey, Chris.

This is all of Lady Antebellum's live sound gear. I lingered around it, took pictures of it, then felt creepy and fled the scene.

Big practice room. :)
Love and big fluffy bunnies with floppy ears,

Monday, October 3, 2011

Songs in The Mountains

Phoenix Drive headed up to Blue Ridge, GA this past weekend for some nature-inspired songwriting and a gig, and both were successful. I forget how beautiful parts of GA can be, so thanks for the reminder, Blue Ridge! With the chill of baby Autumn in the air and leaves just starting to turn, it was the perfect setting for us to find inspiration. We hopped in a convertible and found a spot in the middle of nowhere by the river to sit our butts, guitars and notebooks. Magic. Love it. Go PHD team!

Some of the scenery we enjoyed (wish the pictures did it justice, but alas.)
There was lots of cow poo in this field. Thought you should know.
I sat out on that big branch and discovered that I am still as clumsy as I used to be. Dang it.

Sam Tate & The PhD boys

Tea for 2?

I would live here. I would live here!