Saturday, September 10, 2011

On a bus in the hills.

I'm sitting in the lobby of the Super 8 hotel in Morgantown, WV this morning, drinking generic hotel coffee and eating an apple and a blueberry bagel (with cream cheese, since you wanted to know). And I am finding out that I am a major coffee snob. Generic coffees make me struggle with feelings of unhappiness. Yes, this is serious business. Starbucks (or Jittery Joes, or Trader Joe's, or any organic coffee brand at all), I miss you. Okay, so that was a bunny trail. I started this post with a bunny trail. Awesome.
So the real post is NOT about what I'm having (or not having) for breakfast. It's about where I am and what I'm doing there.
As I stated earlier, I'm in Morgantown, WV with my band and our managers. This is a milestone trip for Phoenix Drive, because it's the first trip we've taken in a bus. A BUS, y'all! It doesn't matter that our bus has a giant picture of another country artist on it, or that the exhaust pipe is being held on by a make-shift wire, or that the door randomly flies open over big bumps in the road, It's a BUS! Complete with 2 cute bunks adorned with thick navy blue curtains and a splashing of gold stars. Yes. yes. I'm running outside to snap a picture for you...

I might be a coffee snob, but I'm not a bus snob. :)
Radio interviews and one gig done, we've got a co-writing session, and 2 more gigs to go before we head back home on Sunday evening. Till then, I'm gonna enjoy the beautiful hills up here and the newly crisp fall air.

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