Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Important Things in Life...Like Your Hairdo.

I miss my hair.
I always do this to myself. I'll grow my hair out really long, then I whack it all off. Boredom gets the best of me every time. Not to say I don't dig my hair now, 'cause I do. And I really like it blonde (a color it has never been before). But, here lately, I've missed the feeling of it laying on my back. It's like a comfort blanket, it's like always having a friend to snuggle with, to keep me safe. And the ability to hop out of the shower, run a comb through it, and wrap it up in a bun in under 2 minutes flat. Easy. You'd think having short hair would be faster and easier, but in my experience it is NOT. There is much mousse and wax and blowdrying and tousling and hairspraying involved to make it look presentable. Otherwise it just looks like BAD short eighties hair. You know the kind.
So, now a year into having short blonde hair I'm finally mourning my loss. I was a little late in the grieving process I guess. No. The real problem is that I'm just getting bored again. Geez, Flee. Haven't you ever heard of contentment? ;)
Here's quick timeline of my hairdos from 2001 (when I got married) till now. Before then it was basically always brown and long. The day we returned from our honeymoon I whacked it all off, and I've never been completely content for more than 6 months at a time with it since then. *sigh
2001 = Red Pixie Cut
2004 = Black Pixie Cut

2006 = Golden Angled Bob

2009 = Long with bangs and my natural color
2010 = Pixie cut and natural color

2010 = Pixie cut & blonde, baby!
2011 = Pink and Blonde :)

2011 = back to all blonde with longer shaggier pixie

And there you have it (and these are just a few of the cuts and colors I've had).
I'm glad we've had this talk. It made me like my current hair again. So, thanks for that.

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