Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crafty? Me?

Dinnertime is a-calling, and I'm not picking up the phone. I'm ignoring it. Who wants to go stand in a hot kitchen and clang around using up precious energy and creativity? Not Felicity. She wants to stay on the bed, with her computer in her lap, and ignore the blessings of mundane comfort routines that she should be thankful to experience. No. I want to be lazy and brainless right now. Let me snap my fingers and hot yummy food magically appear on the table. Yes.

On a completely different topic, I was crafty yesterday!!!!! Yes, ME!!!! I've been known to make a cute little ditty or few from old t-shirts. It was easy, and it was fun, and it was quick, and required no sewing ('cause I presently don't possess that skill). And, I've worn all the things that I've made, and received compliments from strangers, validating my efforts.

Yesterday's creation? A circle scarf. 
Want the instructions? Here yee go!

Here's another t-shirt "scarf" I made the other day, thanks to Kandee Johnson. :) Don't be throwin' away those old tees. Accessorize, people.


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