Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hard To Say

I think we could all agree that sometimes life is really really REALLY hard. And that is an understatement. Amongst all the daily tasks, financial matters, family dynamics, relational problems, health issues, and any grandiose let-downs of life in general, keeping your wits about you can feel impossible (and there are times when it IS). This post is for those of you who are there right now, and this post is for me.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crafty? Me?

Dinnertime is a-calling, and I'm not picking up the phone. I'm ignoring it. Who wants to go stand in a hot kitchen and clang around using up precious energy and creativity? Not Felicity. She wants to stay on the bed, with her computer in her lap, and ignore the blessings of mundane comfort routines that she should be thankful to experience. No. I want to be lazy and brainless right now. Let me snap my fingers and hot yummy food magically appear on the table. Yes.

On a completely different topic, I was crafty yesterday!!!!! Yes, ME!!!! I've been known to make a cute little ditty or few from old t-shirts. It was easy, and it was fun, and it was quick, and required no sewing ('cause I presently don't possess that skill). And, I've worn all the things that I've made, and received compliments from strangers, validating my efforts.

Yesterday's creation? A circle scarf. 
Want the instructions? Here yee go!

Here's another t-shirt "scarf" I made the other day, thanks to Kandee Johnson. :) Don't be throwin' away those old tees. Accessorize, people.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Important Things in Life...Like Your Hairdo.

I miss my hair.
I always do this to myself. I'll grow my hair out really long, then I whack it all off. Boredom gets the best of me every time. Not to say I don't dig my hair now, 'cause I do. And I really like it blonde (a color it has never been before). But, here lately, I've missed the feeling of it laying on my back. It's like a comfort blanket, it's like always having a friend to snuggle with, to keep me safe. And the ability to hop out of the shower, run a comb through it, and wrap it up in a bun in under 2 minutes flat. Easy. You'd think having short hair would be faster and easier, but in my experience it is NOT. There is much mousse and wax and blowdrying and tousling and hairspraying involved to make it look presentable. Otherwise it just looks like BAD short eighties hair. You know the kind.
So, now a year into having short blonde hair I'm finally mourning my loss. I was a little late in the grieving process I guess. No. The real problem is that I'm just getting bored again. Geez, Flee. Haven't you ever heard of contentment? ;)
Here's quick timeline of my hairdos from 2001 (when I got married) till now. Before then it was basically always brown and long. The day we returned from our honeymoon I whacked it all off, and I've never been completely content for more than 6 months at a time with it since then. *sigh
2001 = Red Pixie Cut
2004 = Black Pixie Cut

2006 = Golden Angled Bob

2009 = Long with bangs and my natural color
2010 = Pixie cut and natural color

2010 = Pixie cut & blonde, baby!
2011 = Pink and Blonde :)

2011 = back to all blonde with longer shaggier pixie

And there you have it (and these are just a few of the cuts and colors I've had).
I'm glad we've had this talk. It made me like my current hair again. So, thanks for that.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

On a bus in the hills.

I'm sitting in the lobby of the Super 8 hotel in Morgantown, WV this morning, drinking generic hotel coffee and eating an apple and a blueberry bagel (with cream cheese, since you wanted to know). And I am finding out that I am a major coffee snob. Generic coffees make me struggle with feelings of unhappiness. Yes, this is serious business. Starbucks (or Jittery Joes, or Trader Joe's, or any organic coffee brand at all), I miss you. Okay, so that was a bunny trail. I started this post with a bunny trail. Awesome.
So the real post is NOT about what I'm having (or not having) for breakfast. It's about where I am and what I'm doing there.
As I stated earlier, I'm in Morgantown, WV with my band and our managers. This is a milestone trip for Phoenix Drive, because it's the first trip we've taken in a bus. A BUS, y'all! It doesn't matter that our bus has a giant picture of another country artist on it, or that the exhaust pipe is being held on by a make-shift wire, or that the door randomly flies open over big bumps in the road, It's a BUS! Complete with 2 cute bunks adorned with thick navy blue curtains and a splashing of gold stars. Yes. yes. I'm running outside to snap a picture for you...

I might be a coffee snob, but I'm not a bus snob. :)
Radio interviews and one gig done, we've got a co-writing session, and 2 more gigs to go before we head back home on Sunday evening. Till then, I'm gonna enjoy the beautiful hills up here and the newly crisp fall air.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You've Been Warned.

Today I want to cry.
Why? Well, life would be a whole lot simpler if I knew the answer to that question, now wouldn't it? And after I feel like i want to cry for 2 minutes, then I want to hit someone's face for making a weird little noise while they eat their breakfast. And that feeling makes me feel like a mean bad person, which makes me want to cry again. And then this cycle wears me out emotionally, which wears me out physically (not sure how that one works, but it manages to work, AND WELL), then I want to just sit or lie around and eat junk food. Which makes me feel bad about myself, which makes me want to cry. See how this works. It's awesome being a woman. It's amazing, really.
At least I've finally learned to accept that when I start to feel this way I should take everything with not a grain, but an atom from the molecules that make up a single grain of salt. And I also wear a large sign around my neck that says, "Do not speak to me unless you'd like to be eaten. In fact, do not look at me unless you'd like to be eaten." That way, we're all good. We're all cool. And no one has a right to get mad at me. You can't say I didn't warn you. All's fair in love and war when you wear a sign.