Monday, August 15, 2011

Supposed to be cleaning...

I'm supposed to be, per me. But... I've been found guilty a time or 50 of becoming... what's the word? Oh yeah, distracted. All in good intention, mind you.
Today, as I went over on paper my to-do list of cleaning chores I bunny trailed into the world of homemade-cleaning-concoction-land. And now, of course, I'm blogging about it. Oops. Double distraction. :)

Despite the divergence from my original plan today, I AM quite excited about the other progresses I've made instead. I found two lovely little recipes for homemade air fresheners, which I made and am now enjoying spraying all over the house (that is still presently unclean, but at least smells good). And I also put to use one of my MOSTEST FAVORITE items EVER; my label-maker!!! YES!!!! Partners in crime-fighting, we conquer the evils of disorganization together, wherever it may be lurking.

The first air freshener I made today I got off of a lovely little blog, It's super easy. Just:
*2 parts water
*1 part rubbing alcohol
*and a few drops of your essential oil of choice (I used 8 drops)
Just put it all in a spray bottle, and spray away (except on silks and delicates). I made 2 bottles, one with Lavender oil and the other with Cinnamon. :)

The other air freshener is a "fake febreeze" of sorts. It's NOT so "green" as it uses liquid fabric softener (oh well, it still works great!). I found it here.
*1/8 cup fabric softener
*2 tbsp baking soda
*hot tap water to fill bottle
Shake it up, and there yee have it! This one smells AWESOME.
Okay. Time for me to be done here and put on my cleaning gloves. Got toilets to scrub and floors to mop. :)

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