Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Ordeal With Heels.

Steam-blowing time.
Firstly, let me say that I love shoes. And let me further say more specifically, I love heels. LOVE them.
Secondly, yes, I am tall. Must I hear this about myself again? Once more, YES, I am tall. Sheesh.
Already, we have two opposing forces. I really don't see why there need be, but the universe chooses to remind me of this "opposition" EVERY time I tread there.
My most recent encounter with The Ev-heel Resistance, as I lovingly refer to it, was last night at a Phoenix Drive gig, where usually, I'm sporting sneakers or flat sandals. Ahh, but yesterday was special.
Yesterday, you see, I had a freshly painted coat of shimmery blue polish on my toes that needed some showcasing. Flip flops or sneakers just would not do. Thus, enter my 5" gold wedge sandals. Mmmmm.
My flat-foot height of 5'10" became 6'3" for the evening. Awesome, right??? TOTALLY acceptable in my book that sits on the shelf in the "Naive and Silly Girls" section, along with many other books I've penned (but that's a whole lot of other blogs).
So, once again, last night I likened myself to that awkward conversation piece that sits in the middle of your coffee table. The one that your guests can't figure out what it is or what to do with it. So they just stare at it, poke at it, laugh at it while they try to knock it over, proclaiming aloud the feelings of discomfort it brings them and wondering why the heck you have it on your table in the first place. (I don't know why I was standing on your table, either.)
I must admit, at times I envy the 5'2" girl, who floats into a country club wearing a mini skirt, a tan, and 6" stilettos, and she wins the title "adorable". If I wore the same thing I'd be called "inappropriate and scandalous," catch glares from many women and alienate all the men. Or I'd just be called a prostitute (or cross-dresser) and thrown out immediately.
I'm griping a bit, yes, it's true. But, now that I've vented a little, I must say that my love for heels far outweighs my dislike for the extra attention they bring me. Heels will continue to adorn my feet in public (in moderation of course. I still love my sneakers and flip flops) because I like them. Correction. LOVE them. And when I'm not wearing them I will take pictures of them and post them online.
OK, this was really just a post for me to come out about having an unhealthy shoe fetish. Whew. I feel so much lighter now.

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