Friday, December 16, 2011

Playing Catch Up, Broccoli, and My Hair.

*Hand slap!
Yes, I know. It's unspeakable, the amount of time lapsed since my last post. Well, I've been feeling boring and busy, ok!

What's new? I changed my hair color. It was supposed to be deep auburn red, but it turned out more purple/magenta/red. That's ok. I'm owning it, anyway. Can't afford that old blonde no more. Now I can dye my own dang hair, since there's no way I'd ever lift color out of my hair on my own. I want to not be bald. I also gave myself bangs today. That was fun.
I'm trying to get my exercise and eating back on track, so I don't feel like a crap-patty all the time.
Today makes day 2 that I've been exercising and eating clean again. I already feel a good bit better. Ah, the power of wholefoods and workout endorphins.
BTW, smoking ain't so great for you. So, try eating broccoli instead. It's way more festive than a boring cigarette, and looks nice posing as one. ;) Was this pointed at someone in particular? I guess we'll never know! (Heh Heh)

In Phoenix Drive news, we are all in Nashville next week, writing with hit writers all week long in preparation for our full length album, which we are shooting to start recording at the end of January. VERY EXCITING~!
Now I'm off to get ready for our gig in Blue Ridge, GA, tonight at the Whistle Stop!

Wishing you a holiday filled with elevated heart rates, sweat and broccoli,

Monday, November 7, 2011

There's a Devil In My Bed

I'm sitting here this morning trying to figure out what I can blog about today, what's fresh on my mind and big in my life. And I think it's time I had a confessional post.

I'm starring in a tragic love story. It's full of hurt and sorrow, pleasure and passion, resentment and anger, and sugar.
The high fructose kind.
The main characters involved? I play the leading lady, of course. And the leading male? Chocolate Trinity Ice Cream.

Yes, it's a male, due to his seductive alluring power over me. The way he pulls me in with his dark creamy gaze, whispering sweet nothings (the equivalent of his nutritional value). He makes me feel so loved and safe and special at night, but then leaves me filled with regret and a lowered self-esteem in the morning.
When life is hard and I'm feeling sad, my defenses are weakened against his unrelenting magnetism. I know he'll bring me temporary relief from my frowny face. And I'll admit, sadness is lurking 'round these parts more often then it should. So, Mr. Chocolate Trinity has been frequenting my bedroom, sneaking into bed and watching reruns of Frasier with me.
And I let him.
So, who can I blame, really? I know I have to stop. I know it's up to me. I let the devil in my bed. Now I have to be the one to kick him out. I must remind myself of what a horror he really is. My stomach needs no reminding. Neither do my hind quarters. Nope, just my heart. My heart is the fool here.
I guess I'll be done when I'm ready. Not sure when that will be, but I feel it's soon. Maybe even today.

With guilty spoon in hand,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Music Magic

I love music.
It possesses an unmatchable power to anything else on this planet. It magnifies a feeling or emotion or conviction to the nth degree. Somehow it's able to tap into and access places inside where you wouldn't allow anything or anyone else. It's pretty violating, actually. There are things in me that only me & music know.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nosy Interfering People Can Make Life Complicated

Yesterday my family had a lovely lunch at Taqueria Del Sol in Athens. They have the BEST fish tacos, FYI. So, we've enjoyed our lunch, and we all hop in the minivan (high profile, we are), and… *CRUNCH*! Oops.
Chris backed into a Mercedes in the parking lot. Hey, ya know, it happens. No big deal, right? The person was not in their car, so we call our insurance company and discuss what happened, get a claim number, and leave our info on the other car (which is exactly what the insurance rep told us to do). So, we're cool. We pull off, and 2 minutes later the driver of the other car calls Chris, they discuss it, and all is good. So we put it out of mind, thankful for those full coverage monthly payments we make each month. :) Case closed, or so we thought.
Fifteen minutes later, Chris gets another call. It's a Clarke County police officer. Apparently, there was a "witness" at the "scene of the crime." And also, APPARENTLY, this witness could tell that Chris was drunk. Yeah. ????!!!!!!!!
So, because this witness made such claims we either had to return to the scene or be charged with a hit and run. (Holy WHAT?!)
We were a little upset.
Mad yet sad Chris.
First of all, how can you be charged with a hit and run when we left all the information with the dude, talked with him on the phone and already had an insurance claim opened and in process? We called our insurance agent and she agreed that it was absurd, but we should not rock the boat with the police, since they can be however they want and get away with it. Chris then called the police dept. and made them aware that we would arrive in about 25 minutes, since we were already back in Winder.
Twenty-five minutes later, we arrive at the scene, and guess what... No one's there. Long story short, a few phone calls and a few sets of ten minutes later a different officer arrives, tells us that this whole thing is ridiculous, Chris is obviously not drunk, and that he can't be charged with a hit and run b/c we did everything we were supposed to. At least he apologized for the waste of time and stress it caused us.
Thanks Mr. Witness. And thanks, Clarke County Police Department. Much love to you both.
The moral of the story. Don't be a nice guy and leave your information when you back into a car in a parking lot. (kidding.)

Jittery coffee kisses and broken tail lights,

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm In a Band And We Do Fun Stuff.

Mmmm. I need to post something. 'Cause it's been too long.
Since my last post I've:
  • had a birthday
  • had a parent-teacher conference
  • packed and unpacked 3 times
  • flown to TX
  • flown back home from TX
  • took my daughter to the bone doctor
  • took my mother to the bone doctor
  • sat on a hay bale in a truck in a parade in Fayetteville, TN and waved to people who had no idea who I was, at least not yet. ;)
  • ate Mexican food with my band, management, and Cowboy Troy
  • Sang with my band and Cowboy Troy
  • sang the national anthem at a football game
  • went to a studio and scheduled studio time for Phoenix Drive (Whoo!)
  • held a band-member audition
  • played at Rooster's in Nashville
  • took our kids to a yogurt joint
  • went to Starbucks a WHOLE lot
And that's just the stuff other than the usual stuff (I'm just sure I've forgotten something).
Now I'm sitting in my bed, eating chips and salsa, having no idea what else to type about. Maybe I'm tired????

The PHD gang and Cowboy Troy, 10/14/11 @ the homecoming game in Fayetteville, TN, with 4,000 people in attendance!

Sleepy PHD boys on a plane to TX.

Silver (our band manager) and Uncle Henry @ our drummer audition.

Hey, Chris.

This is all of Lady Antebellum's live sound gear. I lingered around it, took pictures of it, then felt creepy and fled the scene.

Big practice room. :)
Love and big fluffy bunnies with floppy ears,

Monday, October 3, 2011

Songs in The Mountains

Phoenix Drive headed up to Blue Ridge, GA this past weekend for some nature-inspired songwriting and a gig, and both were successful. I forget how beautiful parts of GA can be, so thanks for the reminder, Blue Ridge! With the chill of baby Autumn in the air and leaves just starting to turn, it was the perfect setting for us to find inspiration. We hopped in a convertible and found a spot in the middle of nowhere by the river to sit our butts, guitars and notebooks. Magic. Love it. Go PHD team!

Some of the scenery we enjoyed (wish the pictures did it justice, but alas.)
There was lots of cow poo in this field. Thought you should know.
I sat out on that big branch and discovered that I am still as clumsy as I used to be. Dang it.

Sam Tate & The PhD boys

Tea for 2?

I would live here. I would live here!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hard To Say

I think we could all agree that sometimes life is really really REALLY hard. And that is an understatement. Amongst all the daily tasks, financial matters, family dynamics, relational problems, health issues, and any grandiose let-downs of life in general, keeping your wits about you can feel impossible (and there are times when it IS). This post is for those of you who are there right now, and this post is for me.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crafty? Me?

Dinnertime is a-calling, and I'm not picking up the phone. I'm ignoring it. Who wants to go stand in a hot kitchen and clang around using up precious energy and creativity? Not Felicity. She wants to stay on the bed, with her computer in her lap, and ignore the blessings of mundane comfort routines that she should be thankful to experience. No. I want to be lazy and brainless right now. Let me snap my fingers and hot yummy food magically appear on the table. Yes.

On a completely different topic, I was crafty yesterday!!!!! Yes, ME!!!! I've been known to make a cute little ditty or few from old t-shirts. It was easy, and it was fun, and it was quick, and required no sewing ('cause I presently don't possess that skill). And, I've worn all the things that I've made, and received compliments from strangers, validating my efforts.

Yesterday's creation? A circle scarf. 
Want the instructions? Here yee go!

Here's another t-shirt "scarf" I made the other day, thanks to Kandee Johnson. :) Don't be throwin' away those old tees. Accessorize, people.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Important Things in Life...Like Your Hairdo.

I miss my hair.
I always do this to myself. I'll grow my hair out really long, then I whack it all off. Boredom gets the best of me every time. Not to say I don't dig my hair now, 'cause I do. And I really like it blonde (a color it has never been before). But, here lately, I've missed the feeling of it laying on my back. It's like a comfort blanket, it's like always having a friend to snuggle with, to keep me safe. And the ability to hop out of the shower, run a comb through it, and wrap it up in a bun in under 2 minutes flat. Easy. You'd think having short hair would be faster and easier, but in my experience it is NOT. There is much mousse and wax and blowdrying and tousling and hairspraying involved to make it look presentable. Otherwise it just looks like BAD short eighties hair. You know the kind.
So, now a year into having short blonde hair I'm finally mourning my loss. I was a little late in the grieving process I guess. No. The real problem is that I'm just getting bored again. Geez, Flee. Haven't you ever heard of contentment? ;)
Here's quick timeline of my hairdos from 2001 (when I got married) till now. Before then it was basically always brown and long. The day we returned from our honeymoon I whacked it all off, and I've never been completely content for more than 6 months at a time with it since then. *sigh
2001 = Red Pixie Cut
2004 = Black Pixie Cut

2006 = Golden Angled Bob

2009 = Long with bangs and my natural color
2010 = Pixie cut and natural color

2010 = Pixie cut & blonde, baby!
2011 = Pink and Blonde :)

2011 = back to all blonde with longer shaggier pixie

And there you have it (and these are just a few of the cuts and colors I've had).
I'm glad we've had this talk. It made me like my current hair again. So, thanks for that.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

On a bus in the hills.

I'm sitting in the lobby of the Super 8 hotel in Morgantown, WV this morning, drinking generic hotel coffee and eating an apple and a blueberry bagel (with cream cheese, since you wanted to know). And I am finding out that I am a major coffee snob. Generic coffees make me struggle with feelings of unhappiness. Yes, this is serious business. Starbucks (or Jittery Joes, or Trader Joe's, or any organic coffee brand at all), I miss you. Okay, so that was a bunny trail. I started this post with a bunny trail. Awesome.
So the real post is NOT about what I'm having (or not having) for breakfast. It's about where I am and what I'm doing there.
As I stated earlier, I'm in Morgantown, WV with my band and our managers. This is a milestone trip for Phoenix Drive, because it's the first trip we've taken in a bus. A BUS, y'all! It doesn't matter that our bus has a giant picture of another country artist on it, or that the exhaust pipe is being held on by a make-shift wire, or that the door randomly flies open over big bumps in the road, It's a BUS! Complete with 2 cute bunks adorned with thick navy blue curtains and a splashing of gold stars. Yes. yes. I'm running outside to snap a picture for you...

I might be a coffee snob, but I'm not a bus snob. :)
Radio interviews and one gig done, we've got a co-writing session, and 2 more gigs to go before we head back home on Sunday evening. Till then, I'm gonna enjoy the beautiful hills up here and the newly crisp fall air.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You've Been Warned.

Today I want to cry.
Why? Well, life would be a whole lot simpler if I knew the answer to that question, now wouldn't it? And after I feel like i want to cry for 2 minutes, then I want to hit someone's face for making a weird little noise while they eat their breakfast. And that feeling makes me feel like a mean bad person, which makes me want to cry again. And then this cycle wears me out emotionally, which wears me out physically (not sure how that one works, but it manages to work, AND WELL), then I want to just sit or lie around and eat junk food. Which makes me feel bad about myself, which makes me want to cry. See how this works. It's awesome being a woman. It's amazing, really.
At least I've finally learned to accept that when I start to feel this way I should take everything with not a grain, but an atom from the molecules that make up a single grain of salt. And I also wear a large sign around my neck that says, "Do not speak to me unless you'd like to be eaten. In fact, do not look at me unless you'd like to be eaten." That way, we're all good. We're all cool. And no one has a right to get mad at me. You can't say I didn't warn you. All's fair in love and war when you wear a sign.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Here, There, and Everywhere

Today Phoenix Drive leaves for Nashville yet again, where we will be through Sunday. We've got gigs, co-writes, and most importantly a couple of showcases for some important people. :) Very exciting stuff. Then, the next few weekends are going to be a blur! The next weekend we'll be in WV and MD, the next is Panama City, FL, then the last weekend in September we'll be in the Blue Ridge Mountains at a Writer's Retreat with Sam Tate, Dave Berg, and Rivers Rutherford (just to name a few). After that, it's Houston, TX, and so on and so forth.
Now I just have to figure out how to take care of an injured parent, BE a parent myself, and do laundry and cook dinner as well as travel all over the place! Anybody got any tips?????

**Important note: This is not me complaining by any means. I'm tickled purplish, for sure. :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coffee For Wizards

This will be brief.
I wanted to share with all you good folks today about mine and Chris' new favorite things. My gracious sister, Charissa, her boyfriend, Adolfo, and my mother took my family to Orlando, FL for Disney's Magical Kingdom fun. And it was fun. For those of you who don't know, my family (and my sister) is obsessed with Harry Potter, so of course, it would only be right and decent that we visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter on our trip. So we did. AND, it was GRAND.
We drank lots of butter beer and pumpkin juice, purchased wands from Ollivanders, and had dementors and giant spiders attack us.
Chris and I found these amazing Marauder's Map mugs that we LOVE! I don't think drinking coffee has ever been more exciting.
The end.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ain't No Party Like My Nana's Tea Party.

Pre-show note: If you don't listen to Flight of The Concords, quit being a loser, and make it happen.


I'm sitting here, waiting for the garage-door-fixer man to get here. He was supposed to be here at 10:30. Well, he's late. Really late. I have things to do, man. And I'm just sitting here waiting. My mother broke (more like annihilated) her ankle yesterday, so she's up in her bed-ee-boo, and I'm handling all the adult matters today and for a while since she's immobile. :(

Monday, August 15, 2011

Supposed to be cleaning...

I'm supposed to be, per me. But... I've been found guilty a time or 50 of becoming... what's the word? Oh yeah, distracted. All in good intention, mind you.
Today, as I went over on paper my to-do list of cleaning chores I bunny trailed into the world of homemade-cleaning-concoction-land. And now, of course, I'm blogging about it. Oops. Double distraction. :)

Despite the divergence from my original plan today, I AM quite excited about the other progresses I've made instead. I found two lovely little recipes for homemade air fresheners, which I made and am now enjoying spraying all over the house (that is still presently unclean, but at least smells good). And I also put to use one of my MOSTEST FAVORITE items EVER; my label-maker!!! YES!!!! Partners in crime-fighting, we conquer the evils of disorganization together, wherever it may be lurking.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ready, Set, Write!

I'm trying to enter at least 2 blogs per week, and already I'm failing. I'd probably be fine if I wasn't so afraid of posting lameness. But, alas, lameness is just a part of my everyday life, so I guess I should just get over it. ;)
Some amazing things are happening with my band, Phoenix Drive, and I've been super busy juggling that and the kids going back to school. You'd think I'd be flowing with interesting things to post about, but somehow, being busy makes my head innards a bunch of jumbly-wumbly, and when I sit down to write/type, it's just meesh-moosh coming out.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I am not a domestic goddess. I will not fool you or myself. Never ever have I blogged about recipes, food preparation, or tips on keeping a tidy dirt-free home. I'm not really one to speak authoritatively on such matters as these are not skills that come to me with ANY amount of ease or enjoyment. Especially the skill of cooking.
During my elementary years I was raised by a single mother (bless her!) who worked 2 jobs. Needless to say, our meals came mostly out of cans and cardboard boxes. And, honestly, I was never that child who had a desire to help out in the kitchen. My contribution was spoon-licking, and spoon-licking only. I moved in with my father when I was twelve, and as a teenager my days were WAY too full with

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Ordeal With Heels.

Steam-blowing time.
Firstly, let me say that I love shoes. And let me further say more specifically, I love heels. LOVE them.
Secondly, yes, I am tall. Must I hear this about myself again? Once more, YES, I am tall. Sheesh.
Already, we have two opposing forces. I really don't see why there need be, but the universe chooses to remind me of this "opposition" EVERY time I tread there.
My most recent encounter with The Ev-heel Resistance, as I lovingly refer to it, was last night at a Phoenix Drive gig, where usually, I'm sporting sneakers or flat sandals. Ahh, but yesterday was special.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Zuzana Love.

With the majority of my life in flux as of late, I feel a need to really actively take care of myself. It's about the only thing these days that I DO have control over.
The gym is expensive, and the kids don't like the day care, due to bullies (bummer). So, trips to the gym have equaled more stress, which is not a good fit in my already stress-filled existence.
We canceled the gym membership, and now it's all home workouts. Chris prefers p90 videos, and I have a new found love for I never sweat this much at the gym. Just sayin.I'm really enjoying decisions like these, choices that simplify life, save time and money, and leave you all high on happy endorphins.
hmm. Now I'm not sure what other decisions do all that, too. Maybe selling your children?